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Every woman deserves to have a wedding that is not only fabulous but true to her personality...that’s where we step in! We at Champagne Confetti take pride in ensuring that the bride looks and feels like a million bucks, the groom appears half decent and that the venue looks heavenly, all while keeping stress levels to a minimum. Why hire us over other wedding planners and stylists, you ask... ~ You want your wedding to be perfect and that requires precision planning and execution. ~ Attending to a full time job while obsessing over fabric swatches and colour schemes is excruciating, and having been there, done that, we wouldn't wish it on our worst enemy. It's quite simple really, quit your job or hire us! ~ You get access to our treasure trove of designers, seamstresses, vendors and other well kept secrets that will help you make the most of your wedding budget. ~ We are great at reality checks - if your hairdo resembles a nest or the groom’s pants are too tight, we’ll be the first to let you know. ~ We will take your side over his. Always. ~ With us doing all the dirty work, you’ll have time to focus on the two most important things - getting into shape and pampering yourself! Focus, now - gym, spa, gym, spa, gym, spa... ~ We are all about customization and won’t force you to avail all our services. You get to pick and pay according to your requirements! The bottom line? If you believe that a briderella trumps a bridezilla, give us a call. P. .S. - When it comes to nuptial matters, we truly believe that the groom has a limited say, hence all our communication is addressed to the queen herself - the bride.



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It is a classic tale of curiosity leading to genuine interest leading to a cherished profession in my case. Today, my IT education augments my photography but it is photography that gives me creative expression; enabling me to weave dreams out of real moments. My husband Varun Giridhara & I work together as a team on most of the shoots. We are based in Bangalore, India but we would be happy to travel anywhere in the world to capture your big day.

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