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The word DJ leads us to think that a person with a BAD HAIRCUT, too much jewellery & ATTITUDE, but but but, DJ SaM has all the right approaches towards music, but not the rest. Music has always been a biggest PASSION in Dj SaM's life & he has always felt the need to share this PASSION with other people. Dj SaM started Djing at the age of 17 in the year 2006.With an experience of 8 years in the field of Djing he is one of the most promising and upcoming DJ the party circuit has witnessed recently. Apart from his spinning skills, he has also established himself as a well-known Remix producer. Dj SaM is also a Member of "MIXSTATION CREW Inc". A Malaysian Remix Crew, Which Promotes Tamil Remixes.

Starting Price

Rs. 12,000/-

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