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Elegant Weddings is a Dream come true, that truly redefines Passion.We desire to convert every wedding into a Beautiful & Cherished memory that none will forget.Let us do all the work & we make sure that all you do is- Walk the Aisle- In Ease & Style The Wedding day is your once in a lifetime special moment, the day you dreamt about your entire life. Its your special day, and as two lives become one- there’s only enough space for Aesthetic décor, Delicious cuisine and Unforgettable moments. At Elegant Weddings, we both have always been passionate about this magical day and fulfill our dreams by helping young Elegant couples enjoy their special day in Ease & Style. With our experience & passion, a charming and successful wedding can be planned at your budget and convenience.. Every wedding is a masterpiece, so all you need to do is just tell us your dream and sit back and marvel at how your it unfolds into reality!.



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It is a classic tale of curiosity leading to genuine interest leading to a cherished profession in my case. Today, my IT education augments my photography but it is photography that gives me creative expression; enabling me to weave dreams out of real moments. My husband Varun Giridhara & I work together as a team on most of the shoots. We are based in Bangalore, India but we would be happy to travel anywhere in the world to capture your big day.

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