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Ganesh Kirupa Orchestra

Ganesh Kirupa Orchestra



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Our story

We would like to Introduce Mellisai Thenndral GANESH KIRUPA Orchestra as one of the Top Four Orchestra in CHENNAI, conducting High Profile Light Music concerts for the past 25 years, performed more than 4000 concerts in Sabha's, Marriage Reception and Temple Festivals all over India, Abroad also and received over all appreciation from all type of audience. GANESH KIRUPA is the only Orchestra who have brought the Three Music Legends, Mellisai Mannar M.S.VISWANATHAN, Isai Gnani ILAYARAJA and Isai Puyal A.R.RAHMAN on one stage. GANESH KIRUPA is the only Orchestra in which 100 Playback Singers and 40 Eminent Music Directors have performed so far. Mellisai Thenndral Title was conferred by NEW YORK Tamil Sangam in the Year 2013 when GANESH KIRUPA's Orchestra performed with Super Singers SAISHARAN, NIKIL MATHEW, DHANYASHRI & YAZHINI for NEW YORK Tamil Sangam and as well as in WASHINGTON & NEW JERSEY. GANESH KIRUPA again performed with Super Singers DIWAKAR & SONIA for FETNA USA for their 27th Annual Convention at St. LOUIS, WASHINGTON Tamil Sangam & NEW YORK Tamil Sangam in the Year 2014.



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