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Wedding in a country like India is a once in a lifetime event which is a dream of the entire family. But when the moment comes there are always misses and usually the immediate family members who were dreaming about this moment actually miss witnessing the event. In order to avoid this and have a hassle free wedding we at Pipipi Dum Dum Dum would ensure that every member of the family takes part in every event actively while leaving the boring bits to us.



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It is a classic tale of curiosity leading to genuine interest leading to a cherished profession in my case. Today, my IT education augments my photography but it is photography that gives me creative expression; enabling me to weave dreams out of real moments. My husband Varun Giridhara & I work together as a team on most of the shoots. We are based in Bangalore, India but we would be happy to travel anywhere in the world to capture your big day.

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