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Rishikesh Bhambure Photography

Rishikesh Bhambure Photography



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Our story

Mr. Shailendra Raghunath Bhambure, establish the studio in the year 1989 in the name of “Bhambure Studio”. Mr. Bhambure started this studio in Kolhapur, as a regular photo studio with an area of 600 sq. ft. with his 1st owned Pentax & Cosina Camera with 2 Flood lights & flash umbrella. Mr. Bhambure is famous for his mastery in Portraits & Matrimonial photoshoot. He has capture many Families, individuals around India through his camera. Also NRI’s families from around the world call for an appointment from Mr. Bhambure to click their Best pictures at “Bhambure Studio”. Through his entire carrier in photography, one person who always stood with him, who help him in doing the make up, dress styling for the models & co-ordination with the clients with her own unique style, is his wife “Dhaneshree” they come across with a long way of 16 years in this photography field. Their charming son Rishi (Rishikesh) a joined them with his unique style of photography. Rishi with his own born talent has expanded his profession into diff. categories like Fashion | Portfolio | Wedding & Street, Rishi has many clients around India to his credit. Mr. Bhambure feels very proud for Rishi… Now they are having a fully equipped studio with a area of 1400 sq. ft. with all the facility required, 5D Mark II & 5D Mark III, multiple flash lights, Octa, props, background, dressing room, etc.



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It is a classic tale of curiosity leading to genuine interest leading to a cherished profession in my case. Today, my IT education augments my photography but it is photography that gives me creative expression; enabling me to weave dreams out of real moments. My husband Varun Giridhara & I work together as a team on most of the shoots. We are based in Bangalore, India but we would be happy to travel anywhere in the world to capture your big day.

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