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SPK born and brought up in a city called pune. He has created many memorable images in his recent times. Influenced by fine art and conceptualism, SPK's work is an ongoing exploration of the possibilities of graphic, ideas-based imagery and the different ways in which photographic images can imply form, surface or texture via the simplest means. In addition to pure, traditional photography, SPK's personal work continues to explore the creative potential of digital technologies. He personally believes that though a photograph itself a speechless but it tells a lot to everyone the only thing is you should grasp it. SPK treat himself as a beginner as he believes their are lots of things to learn from every photo.



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It is a classic tale of curiosity leading to genuine interest leading to a cherished profession in my case. Today, my IT education augments my photography but it is photography that gives me creative expression; enabling me to weave dreams out of real moments. My husband Varun Giridhara & I work together as a team on most of the shoots. We are based in Bangalore, India but we would be happy to travel anywhere in the world to capture your big day.

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