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Strings and Winds



Strings & Winds, the leading Light Music Instrumental Orchestra started in 2007 led by Veenai Venkatesh bears the unique Veenai with Flute or Sax combination with full orchestra. The speciality of this music band is, all the musicians are well experienced and Versatile in their respective forte. Audience gets a chance to enjoy a scintilating musical presentation from real life musicians who have been the pillars of film music for several decades. Veenai Venkatesh have been in the Cinema Music industry for over 40 years. The total programme will be of soft and melody without disturbance to the Audience with harsh sound. People attending the function can converse between them without any difficulty of over sound. A unique feature of this band is that they play the list of songs given by the party who arranges the programme.

Starting Price

Rs. 40,000/-

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