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10 ideas to click your wedding rings differently

From being more of an item for sealing a contract between two families and being a gesture of securing the new couple financially, wedding rings have come a long way. These rings now stand as a symbol of eternal love. So much though goes into choosing the perfect wedding ring that couples have been giving them their due importance and getting theirs photographed in creative ways. Here are some of the styles we liked:

A picture capturing the date

The ring capturing the essence of love, literally!

Love as delicate as a rose

Tugging at the stings of your heart… cheers to many more years of harmony!

Capturing the right notes

Wedding rings or wedding garlands?

Tied in a knot

And if someone holds the key to your heart, we’d say “Put a ring on it”


Hooked for life

In case you have any more interesting ideas, do share them with us and we’ll make sure we feature those on our blog.

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