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101 on Destination Weddings – All you need to know & plan!

If there is one thing Anushka and Virat have put on the map, it is certainly the trend of having a destination wedding. If you are planning your wedding and trying to figure out if a destination wedding is for you then read on to find out. We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions that’ll help you decide if this is the kind of wedding for you and walk you through some important things you will need to consider while you plan for it.

destination weddings india, where to have a destination wedding, why have destination wedding, planezy weddings, planezy brides

Who is it for?

If your idea of a wedding is to give people a chance to balance the accounts of all the envelopes and gifts that you have given at their weddings, a destination wedding isn’t for you. However if an intimate ceremony coupled with travel to a handpicked locale with only the closest ones is your idea of your special day, then this might be a good option. That said, a wedding happening far away from home isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so read on to find out if this is indeed a good choice.

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Bridezilla or Bridechilla?

destination weddings india, where to have a destination wedding, why have destination wedding, planezy weddings, planezy brides

While it sounds absolutely romantic to elope to an exotic locale in a different part of the world and get married on pristine beaches with the sun setting in the background or the sounds of waterfall in the background with lush green hills as the scenery, a destination wedding comes with its own set of challenges which not everyone might be able to handle. From some close friends or relatives not being able to make it for budgetary concerns or otherwise to missing luggage at the airport to the last minute unexpected glitches in the plan, this wedding isn’t for the faint hearted.

If you are the kind of person who wants to control every last detail from the fold of napkin to the way the flowers are arranged at every table then you will not enjoy not being in control of a lot of things. That said, a destination wedding is a wonderful getaway and becomes a neutral ground for both the bride’s and the groom’s family with both the families getting a chance to relax just like the other guests and not have to stress about hosting guests or functions at their place.

A destination wedding not only adds fun and romance to the ceremonies but is the best kind of fun relatives and friends could possibly have. Vacation and wedding, it’s a perfect getaway even for relatives and friends and also allows the bride and the groom to spend some time with these special people during the ceremonies.

How to choose a location?

destination weddings india, where to have a destination wedding, why have destination wedding, planezy weddings, planezy brides

So if you have decided you are going to have one, you’ll need to figure a few things starting with the location or the setting you want for your wedding. A beach or a farm, hills or vineyard, you can narrow down your list based on these preferences and then decide, based on your budget if an international destination or something within the country suits your desire and offers you the same experience. Needless to say that it is absolutely important for you to finalize a location only after you visit the location, since pictures on the internet can be pretty deceiving.  An important aspect to consider while choosing your destination is to check the weather of the destination at the time of the wedding and also the travel involved to get to the destination. If a place requires 2-3 hours of travel by road after a long flight, it might not be the most convenient option for guests.

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Is it very expensive?

A destination wedding might actually turn out to be cheaper than a regular wedding, not only coz this will be for a rather small group but also because food and lodging might be cheaper at the destination than it might be in your city.

Adding your own style

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If by now, your heart is racing and images of beautiful scenery flashing in your mind, let us add a little more zing to your excitement by suggesting that you should absolutely go ahead and make this day about you and your to be spouse in more ways than one. To start with, the couples can host an informal brunch to welcome all their guests and introduce everyone before the ceremonies begin and give their guests a small itinerary of the events to follow. Welcoming the guests with a small gift that they could use during their stay or the ceremonies or a small token that the guests could easily pack along with their luggage is also a good way to make them feel welcome. You can also plan or book some activities for the guests at the resort to make sure they are engaged between ceremonies or on relatively free days.

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Play a game with the guests or with your to-be spouse, add elements of fun to the wedding by personalizing experiences or décor or the settings or maybe even just the way the functions are held. It is away from home turf and you have the luxury of doing things your way in an unconventional style but always make sure you keep you keep a tab on the expenses and keep aside a good part of your budget for a photographer or a videographer. It is something worth investing in for it’ll give you loads of memories of your special day for the rest of your life.

A few more points to consider

As important as it is to choose your destination well, it is also important to consider a few more things:

Language:  If you happen to pick a location such as Russia, Germany or Italy for example, communication will be a severe limitation. You should hire a mediator who could help you in your communication with the representatives or staff at the destination.  Make sure you have a wedding planner who is experienced and is a local with whom you can communicate well.

Food: Also, you need to consider the kind of food / cuisine that you would want to serve at the destination. Wanting to serve local food might mean that you’ll have to fly a food vendor with you. The thing to remember is that customization will mean costs, so you need to plan accordingly.

In the end, it is important to remember that planning everything to the T might not be possible with a destination wedding unless you are planning to make several trips to the location so relax and do not fret on the several hiccups that’ll happen all through the course of your stay. Just relax and don’t let anything take the focus away from you and your to be spouse and the joy of getting married to the person you love in the presence of your loved ones.

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