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13 reasons why destination weddings are the best

All of us have a dream destination, a favourite destination; wouldn’t it be awesome to celebrate the most special day of your life there? If you don’t think so; let me give you 13 REASONS WHY destination weddings are the best!

  1. They are like a reunion, only longer!
  2. It’s a vacation not just for you, but for everyone.

3. They’re stress-free for sure.

4. Nobody is getting stuck in traffic!

5. All your special ones are around you – ALL THE TIME!

6. You can party till you drop, LITERALLY.

7. Photo Galore – This is your chance to have fun & beautiful pictures with your fam bam and bridesmaids.

8. And, post the fancy pictures on social media and probably get them trending.

9. Your guest list would only include people you love.

10. The wedding would be memorable, not just for you.

11. You could make your wedding more Gen-Y breaking free of some old school customs.

12. Travelling with friends and family is a lot of fun. Don’t miss on playing Dumb charades!

13. You could plan all the décor, probably make it locale. After all, you love this destination.

 What are you waiting for? Now, plan your weddings easily with Planezy!

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