5 things you should make your groomsmen sport

While the bridesmaids take care of the bride there is this squad – who takes care of not just the groom but also help out at the wedding. Yes, they are the groomsmen. In Indian weddings we’re usually short staffed when it comes to wedding work, that’s when the groomsmen who are usually friends or cousins come into play. But it is not fair if they miss out on any of the wedding fun. Here are five things you should make your groomsmen sport.

Superhero t-shirts & socks

They make a classic picture because there hardly are men who aren’t fond of superheroes. Make your own Superhero squad for your wedding.



They are a part of every Indian wedding these days. Fix your groomsmen a pair of classy sunglasses and slay all day long



Tie’s have been around forever but not many like to sport a bow-tie for a wedding and that’s exactly what you make your groomsmen do. Choosing the right bow-tie can make heads turn! Why should the bridesmaids have all the fun?



These are simple objects which are a part of every wedding. Getting your favorite men sport some customized cufflinks is a good idea and an easy way to make it to your wedding album.



The groomsmen have been wearing suits and tuxedos forever now. It is time to make your squad look all formal yet casual. Suspenders are classy and fun. Get them a pair of suspenders and pose for a smart picture. You can get suspenders that are alike or similar ones in different colors or ones that match the bridesmaids dressed. All I can think is that there’s going to be this perfect picture that you’ll cherish forever.


What are you going to make your groomsmen sport? Comment below.

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