Plan the Perfect 60th Birthday Celebration

Traditionally in India, a 60th birthday celebration is a big event. Referred to as Shastipoorti, in Hindu tradition, this particular birthday is considered a turning point in a man’s life. As per the Hindu culture, at this age, he has usually fulfilled his commitments to family and home and so he can turn his mind to non-materialistic pursuits. He would have been driven towards materialistic desires until the age of sixty and now he can focus on his spiritual growth.

60th Birthday Celebration Ceremonies:

The ceremonies are organized in a typical wedding ceremony fashion with meaningful and elaborate rituals have been included to mark this milestone. It is similar to the renewal of wedding vows. The rituals can be done at home or they can be performed in the famed Thirukkadaiyur temple, Tamil Nadu which is popular for conducting ceremonies to mark 60th birthdays. If you are hosting a traditional ceremony at home, then consider getting an event organizer involved as the setup process is quite tedious to handle by yourself. You will need to consider floral arrangements, catering, set-up for the ceremonies and seating arrangements for the guests.
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If you are having traditional rituals with priests and yajnas, then consider having them in an outside space like a terrace or a garden. The smoke from the rituals can be hard to tolerate inside the home. The food can be alternatively arranged inside the house. If you would rather have it in an outside space, like a traditional mandapam, ensure you find one that has separate dining and ritual areas. Many parents would love to have a traditional ceremony and putting it together is a delight for children.

Alternative Celebration Ideas:

If traditional ceremonies aren’t your thing, then consider having an elegant get-together with your loved ones. You can consider throwing a surprise party for the parent whose birthday you’re celebrating. If you’re looking for an elegant theme then consider going Vintage. Consider the color schemes of deep purple, silver, and royal blue. Consider using flowers like orchids and carnations to decorate the space. Ensure you tableware is white with silver accents. Even your invitations can be done using these color schemes. Invest into an artistic cake for the day. There are many local bakers who can help you with some fantastic selections.
If it’s pleasant enough, see if you can get a space outdoors and organize a brunch event. If the weather isn’t conducive then go for an indoor event. Limited guests mean you can even consider organizing a sit-down dinner. Else you can go for a circular table seating with a head table, typical wedding reception set-up. If it’s a big crowd then a buffet with theater style seating works best. Plan the menu around your parent’s favorite food or cuisine. You can also set up a photo corner that your guests and parents can indulge in clicking some classic and fun photographs.
 A great way to make memories is to have a guest book in which you can encourage your guests to leave a message for your parents. You can make this guest book creative by creating a scrapbook style book that you can later add photos too. This book can also become the album for the event. Consider having a gift to give away to your guests. It can be something that is significant to the birthday.
 The event can be made memorable depending on how much thought you put behind it. So make it one that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.