Birthday Chronicles – Vihaan turns ONE!

This ‘Minions at a Carnival‘ birthday was festive, fun and filled with goodies. When Vihaan tuned ONE on the 12th of September, 2017, the parents already knew what the theme would be. Vihaan loves Minions and he was almost saying ‘banana’ so choosing the theme was easy. They wanted it to be a memorable day for all the kids who turned up. They had imagined games, trains and all the little things Vihaan loved. That’s how they decided on Minions at a Carnival and frankly, who doesn’t enjoy a Carnival?

The destination for their big day was Ilara Resorts at OMR, Chennai. There were buntings, dance floor, trains and stalls with games, food and even a tattoo station. They decided their little Carnival is going to be held outdoors and just crossed their fingers hoping it doesn’t rain.

The happy event was planned by Oviation Eventz who pulled off a great show with 350 guests. There were small flaws, but at the end of the day, the birthday was a grand success. The event was photographed by team Mommy Shots by Amrita and who doesn’t adore the pictures clicked by them. They added very to the already adorable pictures making them very adorable.

The big day’s cake was done by Oven 180 degrees. It not only looked picture perfect, but also tasted great. It was just like how the parents wanted it to be.

They wanted the feel of the Carnival right from the entry, so they had cute entry bands for the kids who came for the party. The stand alone minions through the walkway gave the right feel of what was coming their way and the giant minion entry came out just perfect, she said. The custom made minion centerpieces for all the tables looked really cute.

The stage was set with the candy counter that screamed minion. The ‘VIHAAN’ lettered decor rocked the totally fancy stage. The pretty parachute was just the frosting on the cake. The best part of the event were the games. They had almost everything that was set-up just like in a real carnival. It looks like the adults had a gala time too! Their decor was completed with a DJ and dance floor, there literally wasn’t anything missing.

And like they say, all is well that ends well. The baby’s mother wanted to give away the cutest birthday favors and she did. The little suitcase was filled with cute minion goodies and the kids seemed to love it.

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