Colour Ideas For Your Wedding

Colors are amazing and in the right combination, they can evoke a sense of ethereal, magical, gaiety, mirth and pathos. Your invitation, stationery, wedding décor and eventually the whole wedding itself can be set apart by the right combination of colors. Indian weddings are generally more tuned towards bright colors like red, pink, orange, yellow and peacock blue. These are generally embellished with gold, silver, and sparkling jewelry. The West is soberer in its choice of colors with a preference for pastels, monochromes, and neutrals. But if you are looking to create a wedding that speaks about your choices, then try and create one with a combination of colors and opting for different combinations for different ceremonies. And it also allows room for your parents to indulge in creating the wedding.

We tend to have strong affinities towards certain colors. Everyone has their favorites and this tends to skew our decision when finalizing colors. If you are working with a wedding planner then ask them for a color palette. They will show you combinations that work best together and you might be surprised to see how certain colors work together unexpectedly to create magic.

You can choose the colors according to the season in which you areplanning the wedding.

Summer can be a time for bright colours:

Apart from the usually expected reds, try and see if you want to use lighter shades of yellow. Instead of the brighter hues go for lemon yellows and combine them with shades of white and red to get a great colour combination. Greens and reds as a combination can come off bright but if you can consider using muted shades and not the bright ones then you can create a classy combination like using a mixture of olive greens with maroons.

Winters are a lot more cooler:

Winter weddings generally have more blues, whites, purples and silvers. But the seasons that everyone seems to forget are the Spring and Autumn. The colours that spring offers are a riot and if you want a more floral theme for your wedding then you should consider using spring time floral patterns and mix it with a background of pastel shades. Autumn is a time of browns and reds and these combined with creams can make for an amazing colour palette. If you are not a fan of using the seasons then you can look at interior designer colour combination swatches. Pinterest is also a great place to get inspiration on colour combinations.

Once you have chosen your primary colour then see what other colours will complement it. Take a few shades lighter and few shades darker also to get a more inspired hue on your palette. You are creating a visual treat so do a bit of proofing before giving out the colour combinations to your florists, decorators, printers and wedding planners. Choose an accent of gold or silver and follow it through the entire décor including invitations.

Choosing your colour scheme is an important part of wedding planning. If you ignore it you might end up with mismatched colour schemes that will ruin your wedding photographs. So choose wisely and ensure that you communicate your choices to all your vendors in a clear manner.