Feeling Bored at a Wedding

We Indians attend quite a few weddings in a year. We attend family, friends, neighbours, extended family and colleague’s weddings. It is considered disrespectful to refuse to attend a wedding after you have been invited. Indian weddings are long and rituals seem to take forever. There are multiple functions and sometimes it seems that before one event has ended another has already begun. But have you ever been to a wedding that was so boring you could hardly stand it? There are times when you attend weddings out of obligation. You don’t know anyone at the weddings and you are getting bored. Sometimes you hope that the bride or groom had considered that there are going to be a few people like you at the wedding.

Here are a few ways to kill the time if you find yourself a bit bored at the wedding

Wedding DJ Station

See if you can at least liven up the music with requests to the DJ. If you are going to be stuck at the wedding, you might as well have some good music for company. In case the bride or the groom has given strict instructions not to take requests from guests then see if you choose from the list the DJ already has.

Make a new friend

If you are a gregarious sort of person then try and find a few people you can strike up a conversation with. Usually, there will be a few people who will be more than willing to talk to anyone. You might even end up with plenty of family gossip at the end of it.

Indulge your tastebuds

The best place to spend time at weddings is the buffet table. Since you have the time you might as well sample the menu at leisure. Generally, weddings have a pretty lavish spread and there will definitely be a variety of cuisine types that you can sample. If it is a sit-down dinner then find a corner that you won’t be bothered and get through your meal slowly.

Photo booth

The photo booth offers its own entertainment with guests posing for some seriously hilarious pictures. Either you can stand and watch or get a few crazy pictures of yourself.

So don’t sabotage your good mood just because you have to be at a wedding that you aren’t too keen on attending. There are plenty of ways to entertain yourself if you have the will to do it.