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Floral Temptation

Who doesn’t love the fragrance of fresh flowers, so why not include some in your wedding hairstyle as well? We bring to you Floral temptation – 5 ways in which you could use flowers to adorn your hair on your special day.

This bride has picked flowers in a color that matches that of her bridal saree.


Another idea of adding flowers to your hairstyle


Here the bride has chosen to adorn her large low bun with strings of gajra


We love the burst of colors meticulously arranged around the braid


The radial arrangement of monochromatic flowers has us drooling


It isn’t just about hair accessories, some brides are even opting for floral jewelry in the form of maang tikkas, bracelets, earrings and even kalire! There is always an option to choose jewelry made out of fresh flowers only or that made out of artificial flowers if you want the jewelry to be light weight and easy to handle. You could also combine other elements such as pearls, stones or beads woven with the flowers to make an even more interesting piece of jewelry. Check out these interesting pieces of floral accessories some brides have chosen for their weddings.

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