#SummerSeries 7: Honeymoon Destinations to Avoid in Summer

What ideally comes right after you get married? Your honeymoon! If your Honeymoon dates fall on any day in May or June and you plan to honeymoon in India, start early on your planning! We have put together some honeymoon destinations that are often visited by several couples but might not be so much of a good idea in summer because of the weather and tourist crowd! Make sure you read up enough on the place you choose and the best time to visit it. Here’s our #SummerSeries list of honeymoon destinations in India that you must avoid in Summer.


The greatest symbol of love finds its home in Agra. Yes, the Taj Mahal. However, Agra can experience very harsh temperatures that can go up to 44 degree Celsius.

Image Source: India.com


The pink city is not so amusing in summers when temperature shoots up during the day and get cold at night. If you are someone who cannot take too much heat, stay away from this otherwise gorgeous destination during summer.

Image Source: India.com


Like Jaipur, even Udaipur is a victim to hot summers. Although its gorgeous palaces and other monuments are tempting, save it for another vacation perhaps during a cooler month!

Image Source: Trip Advisor


Cities and towns in Kerala are pleasant around the year but Kerala can be very crowded during the summers as you find a lot of families vacationing here. Alleppey has beautiful backwaters and is a perfect honeymoon spot but definitely not during the summer.

Image Source: alleppeybackwaters.com


This little French UT has a lot to offer. But, it is quite hot in summers and it can ruin your wonderful experience of this beautiful place. Hence, save it for a time when the weather is pleasant with a little bit of rain.

Image Source: Mad Over Living


Kumarakom has amazing houseboat stays that are a romantic getaway from the land. Unfortunately, it is again crowded in summers by tourists, just like other places in Kerala. You might not have many options when it comes to picking out accommodations. In fact, you might not even find one on a bad day!

Image Source Kumarakom Sightseeing


Named one of the world’s heritage spots by UNESCO, Hampi has a lot to offer. From bouldering and trekking to beautiful ruins and temples to admire, they have it all. And to have a good time and get your share of partying, you could head to Hippie’s island. But, Hampi is hot during summers. Hence, another no-no!

Image Source: Trip Advisor

The honeymoon is most awaited by couples worldwide. Do not let unfavourable climate or crowded tourist spots and honeymoon destinations ruin it for you. Did you check out our other blogs in the #SummerSeries? Check out this one on Summer Wedding Destinations in India.

Next in line in our #SummerSeries is SummerMakeup. Stay tuned!