Ideas for haldi and mehendi for budget weddings

Haldi and Mehendi are two functions which are usually the simplest yet closest to the bride’s heart. You’re just getting the feel of your big day getting closer while being surrounded by all your loved ones. These functions are less stress for the bride and a perfect time to click some fun pictures. Here are some décor ideas to make the pictures suit better in the frame and yes they’re pretty budget friendly.


Make the event look all fun and quirky by adding pin wheels. And, if the event is outdoors then, Pinwheels are perfect.

DIY Origami

Make some cute and colorful Origami before hand and fix them all over the place. They would also be a really colorful backdrop.


Kites could make a perfect décor if you’re getting hitched during Sankranti or even otherwise. They’re just so vibrant.

Drapes, Buntings & lights

It is a simple and fuss-free décor idea. And it is perfected by adding lights.

Paper Flowers

They’re definitely some work, but the end product is nothing less than beautiful.


One more décor that’s been trending and experimented with time and again is some fancy bangle décor for Mehendi and Haldi. They’re pretty easy to work with.

Flower Power

Well, nothing beats the beauty of this classic. Hang simple strips of marigold with some contrast seating and you’re done.

Decorative pots

Well, who would’ve thought mud pots would make a beautiful décor piece but clearly they do.

Have you thought of any idea that could make it to this list? If yes, comment below and let us know.

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