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Innovative ways to use sparklers in your wedding:

Sparklers and fireworks are synonymous with our festivals and other festive occasions. Also, it symbolises the victory of good over evil. Fireworks are set off for fun and couples these days have incorporated this fun element into their weddings. Many types of fireworks and sparklers are used for these quirky weddings and we are suggesting some cool and innovative sparkler ideas that you can use to spice up your wedding to a few notches higher.

Involving your guests:

During the reception, you can make your grand entrance by providing your guests with sparklers and asking them to hold it when you make your way into the reception. Though normal sparklers look good, you can make them even more romantic by getting heart shaped or star shaped ones to sparkle up your wedding.


Grand entrance:

If you do not want to involve your guests for your entrance, then you can rope in the usage of flower pots that could be kept on the sides and lighted in sync as you and your spouse make the entrance.



Fireworks or sparklers cannot be used as decor as such as they can be used only once and that they burn out very easily within a short span of time. Yet, when used properly, they make amazing decor in your wedding venue. Sparklers can be hanged and lighted during toasts or any other special moment to mark the wedding occasion. They do add up to the decor and at the same time add a certain fun element to the wedding. We are sure everyone will love this idea.



The wedding cake becomes an important aspect in the wedding ceremony. Lots of ideas, care, love, affection, and passion goes into the making of the cake which is of utmost importance. In order to make it even more amazing, instead of candles, sparklers can be fixed onto it. Lighting those sparklers will surely bring more charm to the whole cake.


While dancing:

The wedding dance is the most important ritual that happens during the reception ceremony. Everyone gets excited about the mere thought of the wedding dance. Thanks to the innumerable Bollywood movies that showcase this special event. In order to make it extra special, flower pots, sparklers or other fireworks can be used. This will create a more filmy look to the wedding as it is grander. If you are having a sangeet, they can be used there also.



Nowadays, just like how wedding rituals are important aspects in the weddings, Photoshoots have also taken a predominant position when it comes to weddings. Be it pre-wedding or post-wedding, photoshoots are now an integral part of weddings. Fireworks can be used as decor in the background to click Instagram worthy wedding Photoshoot pictures.


Firework shows:

Everyone loves to watch fireworks getting burst in the sky in a thousand streaks. What better way than to end your wedding with your friends and family over a series of firework show?



Exits can be sad, but one can make it fun and happy by using sparklers to send off the bride and the groom!


It is now time to sparkle up the wedding!


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