Is yellow colour of the season? All yellow everything!

Yellow colour is a bright and happy color! Lately, we’ve seen yellow everywhere – from outfits to decor. It’s a neutral color and makes a dream combination with pinks, reds and blues. Yellow is versatile, cheerful and seems to us like the color of the season. Let’s take you on a ride of all things yellow that you could add to your big day. Don’t forget to add other colors to break the monotony!


Bright and happy is all we want to look on ort big day and what better color to choose for its purity than ‘yellow’. We love how brides can experiment with their blouses. Yellow sari only means you can dive into the pool of blouse options and choose any color you like. Doesn’t that appeal to you? If this doesn’t appeal, scroll down to the pictures.

From reds to pinks to greens to blues, brides seem to have experimented with all colors. And they all look fantastic! Could any other color be this versatile? That’s for saris and for lehengas there’s a whole other story. A bride in a yellow lehenga looks quirky and happy. She doesn’t even have to try hard!


Yellow decor seems to have been a part forever now. But the quirk is new. Cutest entry on the all yellow auto-rikshaws seems like the way to go! Not to forget the gorgeous yellow decor. They look amazing in pictures. They key to a perfect yellow decor is to add a little bit of something else, so the yellow in the decor ‘pops’!

We’ve concluded that yellow is the color of the season. What about you? Let this happy color make your big day happier!

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