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Tips for Choosing Photoshoot Outfits

If you are investing in a pre-wedding session then you might want to consider planning your photoshoot outfits. What you choose to wear will really make a difference in the outcome of your photos. Finalize your clothing choices before the day of your engagement session, you don’t want to be scrambling around 30 minutes before your session time cursing at your favourite shirt for being dirty.

Dress for the season and location

This is one thing that is most important and most people get it wrong. If you are shooting in an open field then you are likely to have a fair bit of wind. If you choose a knee-length skirt, you might end up adjusting it for the most part of your session. Give your outfit a thought well ahead of time!

photoshoot, wedding, pre wedding
Image by Dream Artisans Photography

Complement each other

If you wear the exact same colour, there’s no contrast and you begin to blend into each other.  Choose different colours or different shades of a colour that look great next to each other.  And consider the colours of your chosen location.  If you’re going to be photographed in the trees you may not want to wear green. Patterns add texture and visual interest; just try not to go overboard. Layers add depth and shape and for men vests, jackets, and watches are a great way to add more visual interest.

Image by The Wedding Knights


Don’t be afraid to spice your outfit up with a statement necklace, a scarf, cardigan, earrings; for the fellas – a tie, bow tie, or sports jacket. Not only do layers create visual interest in photographs, but pieces can easily be removed to change the entire appearance of the outfit without a full wardrobe change.

Image by Memories of Journey

Do a test run

Put your outfits on to make sure that they fit, look good together, and that no big stain or hole has reared its ugly head.

Image by Roma Ganesh Photography

Treat yourself

Go get a manicure; you will be taking photos that show off your beautiful engagement ring so you’ll want your hands to look their best. While you’re at it, have your hair and makeup done professionally also.

Image by Nias Marikar Photography

Express your personal style

The outfits you choose help set the mood of your photos, so wear what you like. If your fiancé is into accessories, let him or her rock a trendy straw hat or colourful shades—simply put, you can’t go wrong with pieces that channel your personal style.

Image by Vermilion Diaries

Embrace the weather

If bad weather strikes during your engagement photos then embrace the weather. Be prepared with wintry accessories like a coat, knitted hat or fun rain boots to throw on in case you’re caught in a downpour.

Image by Snap Shots Photography

Your pre-wedding photos should be a fun, less formal precursor to your wedding day photos. You may use these photos for your save-the-dates, your wedding day programs or even your invitations, so you’ll want to look your best.

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