Planezy Introduces Skydive Wedding in India

Looking at having a wedding that stands out from the usual band baaja baarat? A Skydive wedding is the thing for you. Take the entire party up into the sky. Skydive weddings will be a one-of-a-kind experience not only for the couple but also for the guests. All you have to do is book the skydive wedding with Planezy and the rest will be taken care of.

Skydive Wedding
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How it works:

This is a four-day affair. Three days of intense training for the couple and all the guests. On the big day, the morning will be filled with fun activities like sangeet, dance performances etc. in the aircraft.  When the couple takes the leap of faith, everyone dives with them and the wedding begins. The ceremony will take place mid-air and will last as long as the dive does. To avoid drifting away from the wedding, guests must hold hands and should always look at the couple.

The ceremony:

One of the skydiving professionals is trained to double as the priest who will perform your wedding. To avoid any fire accidents, instead of fire, a red ball will be used in Hindu weddings. Instead of flowers, water will be thrown on the couple during the ceremony. A trained dove will bring in the ring or thali (mangal sutra) for the ceremony.

Your hair and makeup lie at the mercy of the air. You could end up looking like a baffled pigeon in the middle of the ceremony. So, we have trained professional makeup artists to do your makeup and hairstyle in a manner suitable for skydiving. Heavy organic, cruelty-free, environmentally-friendly chemicals and hair sprays will be used to set it. We have trained candid photographers who will also dive along with the wedding clan. They will take pictures of the ceremony and of the guests. They will capture all sorts of pictures: the romantic pose, swag pose, filmy pose, fear when jumping out of the plane, the moment the bride and the grooms say I do etc. Conventional wedding attires are out of question in this case. Our awesome designers will design wedding dresses using skydiving jumpsuits and we will make it as flamboyant as possible.


Food is an important part of the wedding. Our trained wait staff would serve you a mini meal containing one bite of naan dipped in paneer butter masala or butter chicken based on guest preference, one mini samosa, and one spoon full of ice cream. Be careful not to drop them as you might not have time for another helping. This should be consumed in a minute and must be disposed off in a dustbin attached to your parachute to avoid contaminating the environment. Booze is not allowed because the excitement provides enough intoxication.

The aircraft will be decorated with flower garlands and fabric that will be hung from the bottom. The parachutes will be draped in a saree to add to the feel of the wedding. We will drop a music system to add music to your wedding. If you are willing to shell out some extra bucks, our skydiving band will play live music.

This wedding is not for the faint-hearted. If you have any aunties or uncles who have a heart condition, they should not be invited to the wedding. Right before you land on the ground, the guests can throw in all their gifts in a big gift sack that will be attached to a parachute. Avoid dropping the gifts during the dive as it might fall on another guest’s head and make them hate you forever. Opt for monetary payments preferably through digital payment gateways.

So, if you are a daredevil couple who likes to do things in a wild manner, this is your choice. Skydive wedding is so much fun and so completely crazy. What better way to start a life together than to dive into your marriage, risking your life a little and getting wedded along with a frantic bunch of guests and of course the adrenaline rush? Tempted to know more? Get in touch with Planezy and we’ll tell you all about it. Drop in an email at




We warn you again don’t get fooled into thinking that anybody can do this, but if you have made up your mind, then let’s make it happen and remember to check out our terms and conditions, you might find clauses like we are not responsible for baggage, gift loss etc. Planezy is not responsible for any property of the couple or the guests. We are only a part of the planning and booking of the services you would require.


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