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Top 10 photoshoot locations in and around Chennai

Gone are the days when people were scrambling around to take a peek into your wedding album that was curated with care. In this day & age of Instagram and Facebook, where they hold a predominant position is our lives, we go to great lengths to make those pictures look cool. Here are our top 10 locations in and around Chennai where you can have an amazing photo shoot which is sure to grab eyeballs.


The place is known for its rich history and magnificent architecture. It can also double up as a wonderful location for photo shoots with a traditional touch. The Shore Temple can be used as a beautiful backdrop for amazing photographs, thereby creating history again!

photoshoot locations, chennai, mahabalipuram

2.Dakshin Chitra

As this place reflects South Indian culture in all its glory, it is an ideal location if you are looking for clicking photographs that emphasize it. It houses different cultures of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra and Karnataka, where you are spoilt for choice.

photoshoot locations, chennai, dakshin chitra


A quiet café amidst the bustling traffic of Chennai, it is an ideal place if you are looking for some greenery to add to your pre-wedding photographs. Use their classy and elegant furniture to get a vintage look in your photos.

photoshoot locations, chennai, amethyst cafe

4.Kipling Café

Another café where greenery holds a predominant position, but this one is in ECR. This is a great place to capture beautiful silhouettes in the evenings with style.

photoshoot locations, chennai, kipling cafe

5.Thiruvanmiyur Beach

Unlike Marina or Elliot’s beach that tends to get too crowded to actually have a peaceful photo shoot, you can always opt here to click amazing photos of you overlooking the sea. If you feel that the beach becomes crowded after some time, you can always choose any other beach that can be accessed through the ECR road


6.Alamparai Fort

Dilapidated forts create magic on their own. Head here to pose before the ruins and sprinkle magic dust all over your photos.

photoshoot locations, chennai, alamparai fort

7.Semmozhi Poonga

The place is known for acres and acres of green land where you can pose for photographs in any number of ways. Some breathtaking places in the park look as if they are made specifically as backdrops for photo shoots.

photoshoot locations, chennai, semmozhi poonga


Couples who want water bodies as the setting for their beautiful photographs can head here. You can even rent their boats and have an adventure-filled photo shoot.

photoshoot locations, chennai, mudaliar kuppam

9.Broken Bridge

The whole setting of the place could be summed up as a bridge that goes nowhere. Though that does not symbolise a marriage, you can head here to click artistic photographs that prove the bridge wrong.

photoshoot locations, chennai, broken bridge

10.Theosophical Society

Couples who love nature can revel in the surroundings filled with massive trees. Though the place is filled with history, one can pose before the 450-year-old banyan tree, thereby filling aesthetic photographs in their wedding albums. However beautiful this place might be, you need prior permission to shoot here as it is home to several animals that live in their natural habitat.

photoshoot locations, chennai, theosophical society

So what are you waiting for? Choose the location that suits your need in your best attire and start posing!

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