#Trending – ruffled sleeves for your wedding saree blouses

A wedding isn’t just about following trends but also about setting them. Almost every bride chooses her bridal outfit in one of these two ways, either she already has in mind, the exact kind of attire she wants to wear and gets down to getting it made or she scouts for the latest trends and picks one that is in vogue. We bring to you one such style that has been creating ruffles… you guessed it right! Ruffles!

Add drama to your outfit without going over the top, with ruffles. If you are a fan of ruffles, go in for a ruffled skirt lehnga and if minimalism is your mantra then jazz up your blouse with some ruffled sleeves. From ruffle lace trimmings to layered ruffles, this style is so versatile that it lets you add a bit of fun to your ensemble without much effort.

The Do’s

Jazz up a simple blouse like kangana by trading in regular sleeves with ruffled sleeves:


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Pair it in a single layer with long sleeves for a more elegant look like this:


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Or add some style with layers of ruffles to a subtle blouse.


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Give a cold shoulder to the ruffle and add a bit of oomph to your traditional attire


The Don’ts

While this trend is certainly something we suggest you add to your wardrobe, we must say that it is very important to choose the placement of the ruffles well. If you happen to use ruffles the wrong way, they could end up making you look bulky instead of looking flattering.

Samantha’s ruffled blouse, rather than accentuating her figure ends up adding the illusion of a heavy middle section.


It is safe to say that any style not used wisely can break your look rather than make it. If belly fat is your problem, choose ruffles at the end of long sleeves of a fitted blouse that will make your arms look slimmer and longer and take the focus away from the belly area. Use bright colored inundated ruffles to accentuate your best featured and choose subtle hues to draw attention away from problem areas of your body.

Also, it is always a good idea to keep your accessories delicate while pairing with ruffles, a delicate necklace or bracelet and a clutch bag are always a good choice over bulky accessories. So go ahead and create some ruffles with your own style!

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