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#Trending – Silk thread bangles for your big day.

Gold and glass bangles seem like a thing of the past. Modern day brides want to keep their outfits on point and the newest trend that is catching up is of silk thread bangles! They’re light, colorful and the amount of work you can add on them is extensive. The specialty of this bangle is that you can match them to the exact color of your sari and what more would you want for your big day? There are even silk thread earrings, neck-pieces, etc.., but we’re sticking to the bangles alone.

If you still have doubts about how good silk thread bangles look, scroll down and see few real brides wearing gorgeously matched bangles on their big day.

Silk thread bangles styling ideas

A little bit of gota can add an interesting edge to your otherwise plain bangles. Stones placed on them do make the bangles look really attractive. The way the bangles can be designed have no limits – test your creativity and make your big day’s bangles one of a kind.

The coolest customization to the silk thread bangle is that you can get your names on them. And we find this customization absolutely adorable. They hit the right chord for any newlywed bride.

With all these details, you must be looking for some places from where you can source these pretty bangles! We’ve got you covered. Here is a list of a few places online that you can check to get your fix of silk thread bangles.

  • Silk Thread Mahal
  • Infallible Creationz
  • Silk Thread Bangles
  • Charms – Silk Thread Jewelry
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