Types of Wedding Photography in India

Gone are the days when families would hire a wedding photographer without any second thought for a bunch of standard, on-the-stage shots of the bride and groom with countless relatives and friends. Every now and then, you’d find a few snaps of the food and the guests lost in conversation. Currently, hiring a wedding photographer is a task that takes time, effort and careful evaluation of various styles and types of wedding photography that talented and skilled photographers have to offer. Did you know? Wedding photography is the third most expensive service used in weddings; following food and venue. Not doing your homework or not completely being on the same page with your photographer can lead to an unsatisfying result.

There are several types of wedding photography that you might not be aware of. The key to hiring a good wedding photographer and deciding the package you want is to be completely aware of what’s out there in the market. Each and every photographer has a personal style and it reflects in the pictures. If this style is in coherence with your preferences, then you have found your wedding photographer. Instead of keeping the budget and reviews of the photographer as the only primary criteria, include the types and styles of wedding photography services they provide. This step involves you deciding what type of wedding photography you would like to hire them for.

Check out the types of wedding photography:

Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional photography was one of the first forms of photography that you would have observed. The idea is straightforward. It involves a lot of posing and staged shots. You might find a series of guests lined up to take pictures with the couple and you would also find some regular poses of the bride and groom. In short, the pictures are planned and there is a set list of all the action that needs to be captured.

Photo by Smiley Media

Candid Wedding Photography

Everyone’s talking about it! Candid Wedding Photography is the new shizz in town. Candid involves taking pictures of moments and emotions without the knowledge of their subject. This way, the authentic story that a picture depicts stands out. Candid is often misunderstood by people. The main objective is to not distract people’s attention. This way, the proceedings of the wedding are gorgeously documented; in the rawest form possible. Photojournalism also is considered a component of candid wedding photography but mostly, it is considered as a whole category by itself. If you plan to hire a candid wedding photographer, make sure to read our article on Questions to ask while choosing a Candid Wedding Photographer.

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Drone Wedding Photography

It is often used to capture the location of the wedding and aerial shots of the couple and the guests. It can come in handy if you are making a wedding video. It is not as common as the other two but it is a category that is being explored by many couples recently. There is a lot of scope for creativity and it can make your wedding memories really stand out. Drone photography is an absolute must if you are having a destination wedding at some exotic beach or in snow capped mountains.

There are various nuances of wedding photography with immense scope of being explored. Sit down with your wedding photographer and have a long chat with them on the various possibilities of capturing your wedding. Wedding photography can get expensive but lucky for you, photographers offer packages that are reasonable and can be customized according to how you want your wedding to be documented.