Vintage wedding decor ideas – part 2

We are back with Part 2, of some really awesome vintage wedding decor ideas. If you are a boho bride, this is a must read for you! (check out part 1 here)

Table runners

Use a slightly run down burlap runner or sew some doilies up to make a classy one.

Old attics / trunks / suitcases

Stack up some vintage suitcases in different sizes and use them as a table to display signs or flower vases. Spray paint them or even add some trimmings to make them look prettier. You could even open one up and display your pictures in it or place them near the exit and use one to hold favors for your guests to pick up on their way out.

Rustic Table

Give an old rustic table an uplift by throwing a burlap table runner or some colorful flower and place welcome drinks for your guests on it.

You can even get creative with an old dressing table and use all the space in the drawers as well for adding some decoration to your set up!

Centre Pieces

Use some lanterns with a candle inside or bird cages with floral decorations as center pieces. If you want to take it a notch higher, just combine the two, let a lantern hold a candle inside and place a wreath of flowers around it. Choose whites, ivories and blush pinks for a summer day wedding and add a dash of color with lilac, purple, pinks and blues for a night wedding.


An old ladder lying unused can be an eye sore and yet the same thing used creatively can look incredibly stunning. Upcycle an old ladder by spray painting it and turn it into a food rack to hold nibbles and drinks. If you don’t want to put in any of that effort of painting it, just tie some creepers around it and place some pictures or signs on it.

So add a rustic charm to your wedding by incorporating some of these inexpensive décor items that we are guessing you’ll already have in your house given your love for vintage items.

In case you have any more ideas do write to us at and we’ll feature your ideas!

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